Who are we

The Congress of Business and Economics (CBE) was re-established following a number of informal discussions between December 2012 and January 2013 which culminated in a broad consultative workshop in April 2013. 

Through these and subsequent planning processes, the CBE has evolved a mission to provide information, matchmaking and networking opportunities for our members drawn from corporations, medium-businesses and professionals. 

This mission will be implemented through internal programs and strategic partnerships driven by a commitment to making an impact on increasing the employment-creation capability, profitability and sustainability of our members.


Initially called the TIC Business and Economics Group, the Congress of Business and Economics (CBE) was formed by the Transvaal Indian Congress (TIC) in the late 1980’s as an activist business group. Within a short period of its inception, it was renamed and established as a separate business organization. Being chaired by a prominent and successful businessperson in the community at the time, the late Mr. Abdul Setar Motani, the CBE enjoyed popular support within its constituency, who were organised into local business chapters.

Following the advent of democracy in South Africa in 1994 and the transforming business context, in 2006 the CBE ceased operations until December 2012 when former members of the CBE executive re-evaluated its closure. The context of this discussion was the global recession and debate on the National Development Plan, which had been recently released. In a follow-up discussion with former executive members, which was held at the Nana Memorial Hall in Johannesburg in January 2013, a decision was taken to re-establish the organization.

A Steering Committee was formed shortly after the above mentioned meeting which subsequently constituted itself as a Board. Furthermore, the CBE established an office in Johannesburg on 2 April 2013 and on 20 April 2013, a strategic planning workshop of a cross section of 35 business leaders and professionals was held at Sunnyside hotel addressed by experts in the field. Feedback from a survey conducted at this meeting also unanimously endorsed the re-establishment of the organization

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