The Late Abdus Salaam Mia Sirkhot (SAM MIA)

It is with deep sadness that the Congress of Business and Economics have learnt of the sad, sudden and tragic passing of our colleague Sam Mia on the morning of the 30th May. He served this organization with selfless devotion and loyalty from 2001 to 2004,as Executive Director. This was particularly during a difficult and financially challenging chapter of our organization’s history. He bore his tenure of employment for long periods without remuneration without diminishing the caliber of his work. For this, the CBE remains deeply appreciative of his contribution, both to our organization and our community.

The people of this country had waged a valiant and relentless struggle against racial discrimination and oppression prior to 1994 and in the process gave birth to many great sons and daughters whose names are now deeply etched in the history of this country. There been infinitely more unsung heroes in our midst and within our communities like Sam. The CBE would like to place on record our gratitude to Sam and share with his wife, Fehmida sons Zunaid and Irfaan and his extended family their deep grief and sorrow at his passing.

Yusuf Moosajee

Executive Secretary


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